I’m On the Edge Of LiFE

This life is Killin’ me……Don’t know what
to laugh or smile for anymore…..Every lil
thing that happens around me is killin’
me softly…I Guess….Reality is wrong…. Dreams are for real…. I often give myself very good advice,
but I very seldom take it…..I’m young &
I’m hopeless, I’m lost & I know this, I’m
going nowhere fast that’s what they say,
I’m troublesome, I’ve fallen, I’m angry at
my father, it’s me against this world and I don’t care…..The drastic steps I’ve taken
Are just an act of desperation……. I knew
no one would miss me…..So now I’m
basically more scared of people, than
guns. I trust NO-ONE!!….No matter what I do or say, there’s nothing that I can do to
make people understand Me……Where
ever I am…. I always find myself looking
out the window wishing I was
somewhere else…Will Anyone Cared And help Me???? I’M FALLING EVery Second…;(

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