No Sex Until You Get Married Commitment by Mizo Youth

Those who thought that taboos werea thing of the past might find this uncomforting. More than a thousand young people vowed to refrain from sex before marriage and signed pledges on the issues at Thenzawl town last week. The youth, who participated at the Salvation Army Youth Congress, signed the chastity pledge organized by the Salvation Army-sponsored Community Health Action Network (Chan).
They inked their promises that they would remain virgin until they marryin accordance with the Christian teachings.
Mizoram chief minister Lal Thanhawla, who attended the Congress, expressed concern at the growing cancer cases and other diseases in Mizoram, caused due to smoking, tobacco consumption and lifestyle of people.
“As Christian teachings emphasize oncleanliness of body and soul, we haveto concentrate more on cleaner lifestyles to avoid deadly diseases,” said Lal Thanhawla, adding that being the torchbearers of the field the Slavation Army meant generationof more awareness in words and deeds.
The Chan has been working with commercial sex workers and drug addicts to prevent spread of HIV/AIDSand also striving to stop human trafficking.


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Now Dengue officially declared as epidemic outbreak in CCpur Samples collected, lab test underway

IMPHAL, Nov 11: Follo-wing outbreak of an unknown disease suspec-ted to be dengue in Churachandpur, the State Vector Borne Disease Control Society under the State Malaria Officer has collected blood samples from seven infected persons and sent the samples to RIMS laboratory which has been accredited by the Government of India.
It is reported that more samples would be collected from different places of Churachandpur starting from tomorrow for further laboratory test.
Talking to The Sangai Express, State Malaria Officer Dr Ibochouba said that contentment measures like fogging and awareness programmesabout Tiger mosquito species Ades, the carrier of Slavirus which causes dengue have been taken up.
However, there is no specific method of treatment if the samples being tested in RIMS laboratory turn out positive.
Though there is no specific drug for treatment of dengue, there is no reason to panic, Dr Ibochouba said.
Dengue was first discovered at Moreh in 2007, and there was no case of death due to infection by dengue, he said.
Symptoms like fever and ache in different parts of the body do not always mean dengue.
The symptoms include retrobulbar pain (acute pain within eyes) and growth of greenish spots on body parts, Dr Ibochouba explained.
Out of 12 different cases which weretested by the District Malaria Officer, Churachandpur, only one was found dengue-combo positive.
Dengue-combo is not exactly dengue. At the same time, it cannot be said that dengue-combo is not related with dengue.
When blood samples of 1000 people are found positive for Slavirus whichcauses dengue, only one or two persons may be infected by dengue.
As there is no specific method for treatment of dengue, the general practice is, injection of IV fluids and providing other supportive treatments in order to strengthen immune system of patients.
Growth of purpuric rash (greenish spots) on body parts could be observed on people infected by dengue seriously.
When the condition worsens, the greenish spots would start bleeding and this is an indication that plateletcounts have decreased.
In such situation, the patient with be injected wit fresh platelets.
Incidentally, RIMS has the facility to remove RBC and WBC from blood andconcentrate only platelets in blood, informed Dr Ibochouba.

Blockade toll : IV fluids stock run out, operations jeopardisedLife saving drugs stock depletes

IMPHAL, Nov 9 : On account of the protracted blockades, IV fluids have run out of stock in the State while a shortfall in the stock of major live saving drug brands has been recorded at 10 to 15 per cent.
Stocks of IV fluids which are indispensable in all kinds of operations necessitated by diarrhoea, dysentery, stroke etc have depleted to nil.
The State would face a serious humanitarian crisis and all kinds of surgical operations would have to besuspended if the IV fluids are not procured as a matter of foremost urgency.
Talking to The Sangai Express, Dr RK Ratankumar said that in the aftermath of the burning of two trucks carrying live saving drugs on September 16 at Oinamlong along Imphal-Jiribam highway, one or twotruck(s) loaded with drugs were brought to Manipur on every alternate day.
But nowadays, only two or three truck loads of drugs are being procured every week. Moreover, none of these trucks brought IV fluids on account of which the available stock of IV fluids was completely exhausted.
During summer months, the State requires 10 to 12 truck loads of IV fluids in a month on the average. The figure is reduced to six to seven truck loads during winter months, and one truck has the capacity to carry 1200 cases of IV fluids, Dr Ratankumar said.
Some other factors for not bringing in IV fluids among the life saving drugs being shipped in to the State are restriction of loaded trucks’ weight to only nine tonnes and high transportation cost for IV fluids.
The transportation charge of IV fluids ranges from Rs 1.30 lakhs to Rs 1.50 lakhs per trip.
Moreover, no company bears any responsibility for any disturbance that may happen in the course of transportation.
In view of the prevailing situation inManipur, where blockade supportershave been burning several loaded trucks at regular intervals, no one is willing to take the risk of transporting IV fluids at present.
Though lighter brands of life saving drugs are being procured by air, there is no such possibility of procuring IV fluids by air as they are relatively much heavier, elaborated Dr Ratankumar.
Regarding shortfalls in the stock of major live saving drugs, he said that companies manufacturing these major brands of life saving drugs have reservations to send drugs to Manipur after the Oinam-long arson.
Though they have not totally stopped supplying drugs, they have been closely watching the situation. If the present situation continues, it would not be long before the State encounters acute shortage of life saving drugs too.
Earlier, when MCDA wrote and talked personally to the UNC to relax the ongoing blockade for trucks carrying life saving drugs, the UNC replied in the affirmative.
But after two trucks loads of life saving drugs were burnt to ashes at Oinamlong on September 16, the MCDA did not make any further appeal for relaxation.
Now the Government should take full responsibility for shipping in drugs. The Government is being informed about the stock position ofdrugs from time to time.
Dr Ratankumar further informed that a truck carrying certain quantityof IV fluids together with other drugs has reached Jiribam on its wayto Imphal.

886 trucks leave Jiribam

IMPHAL, Nov 9 : Altogether 886 trucks including two diesel tankers, 12 petrol tankers, two kerosene tankers and five LPG bullet tankers have left Jiribam for Imphal today along with security escorts. Moreover, another 30 tankers are being loaded with fuel oils at Ramnagar, Silchar.
Notably, CAF & PD Director M Yaiskul has been stationed at Ramnagar at the instruction of the Government ofManipur to ensure uninterrupted supply of fuel oils to the State.

Kut : Post harvest fest cheersfirst day of post blockade

Imphal, Nov 1: The post harvest festival
of the Kuki-Chin-Mizo-Zomi (CHI- KIMZ)
ethnic groups,’ Kut which is a
thanksgiving to God for a bountiful
harvest was celebrated today with
much fanfare with the main event held at 1st Battalion Manipur Rifles Ground
here. Morning cultural programme including,
tradi- tional round of Miss Kut Beauty
Pageant was graced by Chief Minister O
Ibobi Singh as chief guest and in the
evening programme, V Kishore Chandra
Deo, Union Minister of Tribal affairs and Panchayati Raj graced as Chief Guest.
Power Minister Phungzathang Tonsing
and Health Minister L Jayantakumar
attended the occasion as president and
guest of honour respectively. The main event of Kut festival at 1st
battalion Manipur Rifles was organized
by the State level Kut Committee (SLKC). In his address, Chief Minister Ibobi
appealed to all not to disturb the
general public or hurt the sentiment of
any communities for the cause of a
demand. “The Government has a firm belief that
for every problem there is a solution
though it takes time to sort it out”,
Ibobi said, while observing that
negotiations are the basic tools to solve
problems. “The Government has no intention to
hurt any community or individual in
the State while bringing a solution for
any particular community. It has never
used coercion that could hurt the
people of the State and such act is not accepted by God,” insisted the Chief
Minister. “The people of Manipur were born in
this land and will die here too. We are
brothers and sisters of one parent”,
Ibobi said on the occasion. Incidentally Kut was celebrated on the
first day of the SHDDC suspending the
92 days economic blockade.