No Sex Until You Get Married Commitment by Mizo Youth

Those who thought that taboos werea thing of the past might find this uncomforting. More than a thousand young people vowed to refrain from sex before marriage and signed pledges on the issues at Thenzawl town last week. The youth, who participated at the Salvation Army Youth Congress, signed the chastity pledge organized by the Salvation Army-sponsored Community Health Action Network (Chan).
They inked their promises that they would remain virgin until they marryin accordance with the Christian teachings.
Mizoram chief minister Lal Thanhawla, who attended the Congress, expressed concern at the growing cancer cases and other diseases in Mizoram, caused due to smoking, tobacco consumption and lifestyle of people.
“As Christian teachings emphasize oncleanliness of body and soul, we haveto concentrate more on cleaner lifestyles to avoid deadly diseases,” said Lal Thanhawla, adding that being the torchbearers of the field the Slavation Army meant generationof more awareness in words and deeds.
The Chan has been working with commercial sex workers and drug addicts to prevent spread of HIV/AIDSand also striving to stop human trafficking.


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