A prayer

For surely O Lord you bless the
righteous. I therefore declare that I
am blessed because of Christ. Thank
You for surrounding me with Your
favour as with a shield. I thank You
Lord that I can abound in your favour
and blessing today. I therefore expect
Your favour to go before me today. I
anticipate the favour of God
surrounding me and I expect my
Heavenly Father to give me favour
with men even with the ungodly.
I thank You Heavenly Father for
opening doors for me that neither
man nor the devil can shut. Thank You
for blessing the works of my hands as
I walk under an open heaven. May I
experience your supernatural
increase and provision in every area
of my life this day. I choose to walk in
faith and in victory.
In Jesus’ name I pray.

2012 sunga Zairawn ICI Thala thuoitu ding hai

Date 15, 2012 Pathienni zan inkhawm tin in Zairawn ICI Thalai thuoitu thai thlang thar na nei ania. Kumdang ang bawkin thalai thahnem tawtktak fe khawmin election chu tluong taka nei anih. A hnuoia hai hi tukum sunga Zairawn ICI thalai thuoitu thar ding hai chu annih:

1: Chairman- Mr. Rothanglawr

2: V. Chairman- Mr. Chala Hmar

3: Secy.- Mr. Lalchuoilo

4: Asst. Secy.- Mr. Lalnunsiem

5: Fin. Secy.- Miss Elizabeth

6: Treasurer- Miss Lalsiemkim

2012 sunga Zairawn ICI Local election result.

Jan 8 2012 Sunday tuok hin Zairawn ICI Kohrana election nei ding tia rel ang in pathien zar in iengkhawm buoina hran um lovin election chu tluong taka nei ani.

Kumdang nek chun tukum chu member thar pakhat an tling belsa. Lawm aum. Chun an sin chel hai khawm in thlak danglam ani. Sin panngai chel an um tanaw.

A hnuoia hai hi lunginruol tak le inthuruol taka tlang tling annih:
1. Chairman: Upa H.K. Ngurlien

2. Vice Chairmam: Upa Thangvung

3. Secy.: K.L. Thangsung

4. Asst. Secy: K.H. Chala

5. Commitee members hai chu nikuma mi le a la pangai zing.

ZAIRAWN ICI Kohran kuoma Pastor Timothy Lalzuimawi lekhathawn

Zairawn ICI kohran.
Pathien veng na zar chau a in dam
pei a ni ti kan hriet in lawm um kan
Christmas pathien malsawm na tam
tak in dawng a ni ti ka lo hriet in
malsawmna mi petu pathien kuom a
lawm thu um rawh seh.Kum thar
Thlarua malsawm na tam tak dawng
ding in kan ditsak na kan hung in
cheu.Kei ni ve chu vai ram a vai hai
in mi nghawk an ti tih in lengkhawm
mumal thei lo in lengkhawm in hawk
bawk si in kan um a khang lai mi han
nghawk an ti in lau ding um lek lo dit
tawk a pathien ei lo in pak thei kha
chu a lo va hlu ngei de e mawh. Kei
ni khawm mi lunginsiettu pathien
chau in kan dam ve tawk tawk.Kan
chuk na tieng pang kawm tluong tak
in ka
fe pei.Vawi khat puitling in ti hnung
a students ang a zuk um nawk el chu,
a chang chu a harsa thei khawp
el,Naupang ta ding chau a ei lo ngai
colour pencil le pencil hai dam ei
nau hai le ka ta lem a ni ti in ei in
chuo nawk dem dem el a nihi.