Best apps for Windows Mobile

Most of the smartphone space is being held by Android and iOS but with the tie up of Nokia and Microsoft which produced the Nokia Lumia has announced that both the companies are working together to regain the lost ground in the smartphone arena. The windows phone which is introduced features the tile interface where multiple program status can be known.
Windows Marketplace which is a repository having the apps that are developed by developers from all over the world has about 15,000 applications in its index and as the popularity of the new Windows Mobile platform increases, the number of apps on the Marketplace would surely increase by many folds.
Here are some of the nokia apps that have been handpicked by us that are also operational on the Windows Mobile 7.5.
1. Spotify: This is a music app which allows you to collaborate with yourfriends so that you can listen to their playlists also. You can also save your playlists or other tracks which can be streamed for offline listening. The albums are not limited to those which are displayed on the tiles of your phone; you can easily refresh them after certain interval of time to reload new albums.
2. Evernote: This app is similar to the OneNote application which is supplied with the MS Office 2010. This app is heavily inspired from the iPhone where this app runs in the background and sync with yourPC using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can easily pin down specific notes, notebooks, tags or searches to the Start Menu. This app is one of the best productivity apps on the Mango (Window Mobile 7.5) environment.
3. Facebook App : The Windows phone has been heavily integrated with the Facebook with all the events, birthdays, contact details, status updates and photos all at your home screen. This app would further enhance your social experience. The clean and metro interface of the Windows Mobile 7.5 includes the nicely tiled picture section where all the images of your friends would appear in them.You can pin up the messages as a live tile instead of the email notifications. You can also pin your friends, Events and Live Feeds on the tiles to keep track of them effectively.


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