Opera mini le Uc browser

Hieng Opera mini le Uc browser hai pahni hi tulai mobile hmang hai chun an hmang tlângpui ni deu tak ati ka ring. Kei khawm in hieng hai pahni hmang lo in ka um thei ta nawh. An thilthaw thei dân khawm a lo danglam ve ang bawk hi a hmang dân khawm a lo in ang naw ve khawp el. http://www.ruonglevaisuo.com le http://www.virthli.com hieng site pahni hi iengtik lai khawm a ka visit hlak anna. Comment khawm ka comment regular. Ana chu buoina a tam nuom khawp el.

Ka hril tum tak chu ruonglevaisuo site a hin comment ka pek ding chun opera mini kher kher hmang a ngai hlak. Uc browser ka hmang pha chu ka comment thei ve der nawh. Ana chu uc browser a inthawk a post hang tiem chu anhawi biek khawp el.
Virthli site khawm hi uc browser ka hmang naw chun ka comment thei tlawt nawh. Comment ei hei post a error a ti hlak ana chu ei hei refresh a ei comment chu an lang hlak. Opera ming hmang in Virthli a post hai hrim hrim hi tiem thei ani thak nawh. A screen space le anmil thei hlawl nawh. A khang zawng in a seia duk le daka tiem thei annawh. Comment pek chu an hawi ve nawk el.

Hieng ngirhmun a buoithlak thei khawp el. Browser pahni hmang veve ran a ngai deu rana hnam a um kawngkhat khawp el. Nangni khawm hieng ang hi inlo tuok ve ani chu ka thaw ang khan thaw ve ro. An thaw chie khawp el. Thank you…


Blue Text a facebook comment ziek dan

Mitam tak chu a hrie khawm um nuol tang eiti hi facebook trick hi. Ala hrie naw khawm eila um nuol chu ring aum. Mi hrietnaw ka hung thaw ang chun mi ngai pek naw unla, a la hrie naw an um tak duoi am tia inti suk beng var deua ka hung thaw lawm tum ve mei mei a nih.

Kei khawm in ka lo zawng ve nasa khawp el. A chie hran hran makve deu deu khawm ka hmu rawn, ana chu a sawt a sei chu an hmang thei chuong nawh. Tuta ka hung thaw tak hi chu kalo hmang na khawm a sawt ve fut ta a la pangai zing a nih. Danglam rieua ei hei post thei ve te hi an hawi ve kawng khat in ka hriet. Mobile hmang sia mi hming blue a ei hei ziek hin ei zuk mention a ang rieua a thaw chie khawp el haha.

Hi @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]] code hi copy la type here po saw delete la kha khan i thu post/comment ding kha type el rawh. Eg. @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Welcome bek bek. Haha]] hieng hin hung inlang el a tih.
Welcome bek bek. Haha.

Ka lawm ie.

Francois Hollande is the new French President

Paris: France handed the presidencyon Sunday to leftist Francois Hollande, a champion of government stimulus programs who says the state should protect the downtrodden – a victory that could deal a death blow to the drivefor austerity that has been the hallmark of Europe in recent years.
Mild and affable, the president-elect inherits a country deep in debt and divided over how to integrate immigrants while preserving its national identity. Markets will closely watch his initialmoves as president.
He narrowly defeated the hard-driving, attention-getting Nicolas Sarkozy, an America-friendly leader who led the country through its worst economic troubles since World War II but whose policies and personality proved too bitter for many voters to swallow.
“Austerity can no longer be inevitable!” Hollande declared in hisvictory speech after a surprising campaign that saw him transform from an unremarkable figure to an increasingly statesmanlike one. He will take office no later than May 16.
Speaking to exuberant crowds, Hollande portrayed himself as a vehicle for change across Europe.
“In all the capitals … there are people who, thanks to us, are hoping, are looking to us, and wantto finish with austerity,” he told supporters early Monday at Paris’ Place de la Bastille. “You are a movement lifting up everywhere inEurope, and perhaps the world.”
Celebrations continued into the night on the iconic plaza of the French Revolution, with revelers waving French, European and labor union flags and climbing the base of its central column. Leftists were overjoyed to have one of their own in power for the first time since Socialist Francois Mitterrand was president from 1981 to 1995.
Sarkozy is the latest victim of a wave of voter anger over spending cuts in Europe that has ousted governments and leaders in the past couple of years.
In Greece, a parliamentary vote Sunday was seen as critical to the country’s prospects for pulling out of a deep financial crisis felt in world markets. A state election in Germany and local elections in Italy were seen as tests of support for the national governments’ policies.
In France, with 95 per cent of the vote counted, official results showed Hollande with 51.6 per cent of the vote compared with Sarkozy’s 48.4 per cent, the InteriorMinistry said. The turnout was a strong 81 per cent.
“Too many divisions, too many wounds, too many breakdowns and divides have separated our fellow citizens. This is over now,” Hollande said in his victory speech, alluding to the divisive Sarkozy presidency. “The foremost duty of the president of the Republic is to unite … in order to face the challenges that await us.”
Those challenges are legion, and begin with Europe’s debt crisis.
Hollande has said his first act after the election will be to write a letterto other European leaders calling for a renegotiation of a budget-trimming treaty aimed at bringing the continent’s economies closer together. Hollande wants to allow for government-funded stimulus programs in hopes of restarting growth, arguing that debts will only get worse if Europe’s economies don’t start growing again.
Sarkozy and Germany’s Angela Merkel spearheaded the cost-cutting treaty, and many have worried about potential conflict within the Franco-German “couple” that underpins Europe’s post-war unity.
Merkel called Hollande to congratulate him on his victory. Hollande has said his first trip would be to Berlin.
President Barack Obama also offered congratulations and an invitation to the White House ahead of this month’s summit of the Group of Eight leading economies at Camp David, Md., the White House said. After that, Hollande will attend a NATO summit in Chicago, where he will announce he is pulling French troops out of Afghanistan by the end of the year.
While some market players have worried about a Hollande presidency, Jeffrey Bergstrand, professor of finance at the University of Notre Dame, said it’s agood thing that Hollande will push for more spending throughout Europe to stimulate the economy.
Europe is “going into a really serious and poor situation,” Bergstrand said. Hollande “is going to become the speaker for those countries that want to do something about economic growth.”
Sarkozy conceded defeat minutes after the polls closed, saying he hadcalled Hollande to wish him “good luck” as the country’s new leader.
“I bear responsibility. … for the defeat,” he said. “I committed myself totally, fully, but I didn’t succeed in convincing a majority of the French. … I didn’t succeed in making the values we share win.”
Sarkozy came to office on a wave of hope for change that critics say he squandered even before the economic crises hit. They saw his tax reforms as too friendly to the rich, his divorce in office and courtship of supermodel Carla Brunias unseemly, and his sharp tongue as unfitting for his esteemed role.
French politicians now turn their attention to parliamentary elections next month. With what appears to be a thin victory margin,Hollande must more than ever count on a healthy majority in June legislative elections – the next challenge for Sarkozy’s conservatives.
“The hour is one of mobilization. … We must not give all the power to the left,” said Jean-Francois Cope, leader of Sarkozy’s UMP party.
The Socialists will have blanket control of the country if they get a majority in the decisive lower house of parliament. They already preside over the Senate and hold most regions and municipalities in France.
Hollande has pledged to tax the very rich at 75 per cent of their income, an idea that proved wildly popular among the majority of people who don’t make nearly that much. But the measure would bring in only a relatively small amount to the budget, and tax lawyers say France’s taxes have always been high and unpredictable and that this may not be as much of a shock as it sounds.
Hollande wants to modify one of Sarkozy’s key reforms, over the retirement age, to allow some people to retire at 60 instead of 62.He wants to hire more teachers andincrease spending in a range of sectors, and ease France off its dependence on nuclear energy. He also favors legalizing euthanasia and gay marriage.
Sarkozy supporters call those proposals misguided.
“We’re going to call France the newGreece,” said Laetitia Barone, 19.”Hollande is now very dangerous.”
Sarkozy had said he would quit politics if he lost, but was vague about his plans Sunday night.
“You can count on me to defend these ideas, convictions,” he said,”but my place cannot be the same.”
Sarkozy alienated many voters witha lunge to the right during the last two weeks of campaigning as he tried to lure backers of the far-rightanti-EU and anti-immigration candidate Marine Le Pen, leader of the National Front party.
People of all ages and ethnicities celebrated Hollande’s victory at the Bastille. Ghylaine Lambrecht, 60, who celebrated the 1981 victory of Mitterrand, was among them.
“I’m so happy. We had to put up with Sarko for 10 years,” she said, referring to Sarkozy’s time as interior and finance minister and five years as president. “In the last few years, the rich have been getting richer. Now long live France, an open, democratic France.”
“It’s magic!” proclaimed Violaine Chenais, 19. “I think Francois Hollande is not perfect, but it’s clearFrance thinks it’s time to give the left a chance. This means real hope for France. We’re going to celebratewith drink and hopefully some dancing.”

Nu Ka Hmangai Che

Khawvel a ei hung pieng hi chu kawng tam taka ding chun insir nading hi a lo tam ve khawp el. Mi thenkhat hin chu in hawi anti biek tiding antam em em. Ka chan siet zie ka hei en hin chu lungawi naw nading ka hmu rawn nasa. Mar 25th 2000, zan dar 2 vel in ka Pa in ami lo boral sana. Harsatna a let tam a pek belsa ang el kan nih. Keini hlak kanla naupang sie. Kei upa lem khawm kum 11 chau kala na, ka sang hi ngaituo a um zuol in ka hriet. Ka nu ka en in ka lunginsiet, kan ta ding chun kan Khawvel hmang chu a tawp ang thluk a nih.
Pa kan neinaw lei chun ka Nu mawphur chu a rik zuol a. Iengkim hi a chunga inkhat anta leiin a sawl thei emem. A rinum le harsa hai chu nerthleng in theitawp suo in thrang a lâk a. Mi châwm puitling a nuom leiin milai khawm inzak inphak dawn loin sin a thawm mawl mawl el a nih.

Ka Nu hi mi ang in Lekha lo inchuk sâng in thiemna varna lo neinaw sienkhawm Pa tamtak hai nek in a let tamin ngaisang a um lem in ka hriet. Ka Nu in harsa trot trot in ami kei hruoia, thuom le bil hai tak ngiel khawm inchaw ngam loin a nauhai ta ding a a hei chân ngam hi chu a ropui kati naw thei nawh. Nu mi hmangaina hi chu a lo mak a nih. A mi hmangai zie ka hriet leiin kei khawm ka puitling huna chu a let tam in la thung rul ngei ngei kati.
Pa lo nei tanaw unlang khawm Pathien in Nu ami la pek leiin ka lawm takzet. Nu hai hi Châwimawi an phuo hlie hlie a nih. Pa nek hman in nau hai hi an hmangai lem am ani aw ti thei hiel a nih. Nu mawphur na hi a rik biek el baka insûng siem tha tu ban pawimaw tak anni leiin chawimawi thlak an nih.


Khawvel var inni

“Khawvel var in nih,”

tin ei Pathien
thu chun ami hril.

A phita:

A hung chawkna ding or a var
hung umna dinga hmangruo
pawimaw tak a nih. A thautui hip
suoktu tak ani bawk. Ama a hi a fuok
naw chun thautui khawm a hip thra
thei ngai nawh. Eini ringtu hai khawm
hi a phit-a ang hi ei nih. Krista hmel
varmawi mi eini a an mi hmu theina
ding chun Pathien le hin iengtik lai
khawm a ei in mat zing a tul a nih.
Pathien thutak hip ding ei nei naw lei
hin min eini a hin Krista var hi an hmu
thei ngai naw a nih. Pathien thutak
hip ding ei nei tak naw leiin a trawl
hin ei trawl bawr2 hlak a nih. Eini a
hnawngna reng2 um ta lovin ei hang
chawk met khawm a ei thi nawk tup
el hlak a nih. A phita fuok naw lei dam
hin thautui tam tak hip ding um de
sienkhawm ei hip thei ngainaw a. Ei
hip sun khawm a chawk thra thei ngai
nawh. Thra taka ei chawk theina ding
chun Pathien neitu indik tak kani am ti
hi eiin enfel a trul tak zet.

A chimni:

Hi khawm hi khawnvar a
ding chun hmangruo pawimaw tak lai
a pakhat chu a nih. Thli hung hrang
vel lak a zuk thi el ding kha a veng
em2 a nih. Kristien hai hi suol thlipui
hrang vel hin mi thlem tluk tum hin
an vel ruoi hlak a nih. Khawnvar chu a
chimni a bal chun a var ding ang
khawm var an suo zo ngai nawh. Chu
leiin a var hlutu a bal hai kha tha tak a
hruk fai zing a trul hlak. Eini khawm
krista varmawi min eini a an hmufie
theina ding chun iengtik lai khawma
Pathien thutak a eiin sukfai hi a trul a
nih. Hi khawvel thil hai hin eiin suk
hnawk rawn talu lei hin mi han eini a
Krista hmel varmawi an hmu thei
ngai naw a nih.


Ama thang lo chun
khawnvar hin umzie a nei thei tak2
naw a, var khawm ansuo thei naw
bawk. Asan chu a thau thang lo chun
khawnvar hin a var ansuo thei naw a
nih. Kristien hai ta ding chun
khawnvartui hi Pathien thutak le
angkhat an nih. Mihriem thiemna le
hratna ringawt a va suk var thei hlak
an bawk si naw a. Eini ringtu hai
khawmin Isu hi thau a ei hmang
ngainaw leiin ei var mi han an mi
hmu ve thei ngai naw a nih. Pathien
thutak hi ei hratna thahrui le ei
thilthaw theina ani ti hi hre zing ei


Ringtu hai hin ei hratna
thahrui chu Pathien thutak chau hi ani
ti hi hre zing in, ienglei a min eini a
hin Krista hmel varmawi hi an hmu
thei ngainaw am ana? Ei phit-a hin
thautui hip ding a hmu naw lei am ani
ding? Ei chimni hi a bal talu am an ta
ding? Unau, hang in enfel thra ei tieu.
Nakie hin Kristien ka nih ti zing si hin
mi han eini a hin Krista hmel varmawi
hi hmu naw rawi an tih ti hi in lau um
tak a nih.