Linux backtrack pendrive a install dan

Linux Backtrack USB drive a bootable a siem nuom chun a hnuoia ka ziek dan le kati dan hai sawn thaw unla chun i USB kha bootable in i hmang thei ding.
A ṭul ding ṭhenkhat hai:

1:USB (Flash Drive) (Minimum USB Drive capacity 4 GB)

2: Backtrack 5 ISO file, md5sum verified.

back|track 3
back|track 3


Unetbootin hi  program (tool) pakhat ana Linux distro a dinga bootable USB drive siemna ding anih CD hmang ṭul kher loin. Hi program hi Windows le Linux a run thei ve ve bawk a. Hi a hnuoia steps hai hi indik tak in lo thaw raw i pendrive kha bootable a i siem nuom chun.

Step 1: Unetbootin chu hi a hnuoia a link ka sie a sawn lo download rawh.

Step 2: USB drive kha plugin la

Step 3: USB drive kha format la FAT 32 ah

Step 4: Unetbootin start la chun select la> diskimage option>chun choose Backtrack 5 Iso file.

Step 5: A space i hmang  zat ding kha select la.

Step 6: Chun select la USB drive kha chun>click ok>chun bootable backtrack chu i nei ta ding tina ani chuh.

Step 7: I  reboot ding a ni a  chunleiin default username chu root>password

Backtrack 5 R3 download na ding chu a hnuoia a link ka sie saw click unla lo download ro

Genome anti kha i thlang ding aw……

Khi a chunga ka ziek hai po saw a step indik deua i follow ani chun CD ṭul kher loin i USB drive chu bootable in i hmang thei ding tina anih chu. Ka post hi ṭha iti zawng ani chun iengtiklai khawm in i subscribe zing thei ani aw. Ka lawm eh!!!! 🙂 🙂


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