Refugee crisis in Europe

In the Eyes of the far rights, the narrowness of nationalism is compromised. The refugee crisis today in Europe and Immigration issue in America are seen as a strategy of the Muslims by some experts, they presume the Muslims for taking advantage of the liberal ideology/Administrative system, ” power of every govt. lies in population”. The birth place of Liberty had opened its border in the early 20th century face a big cultural problem today and become the biggest victim of terrorism among the free countries in 2016, many European countries today worried about their future too, people who voted and supports Trump knows this.

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Life is uncertain

The life of a Spiritual person in christianity is all about happiness and satisfaction even in the worst case of human life that one can imagine. “Life is uncertain”, everyone who can think know this and uncertainty divides us. Religious matters are often describe as something very complex and we tends to ignore it. Finding God is not that complex, realising its simplicity is one of the greatest achievement one can attain and no one can visualise it . Yes it is a battle within and our actions can sometimes be considered the manifestation of our thoughts. It is indeed a tough battle for a believer, because we are just human and it is a fight with those that had wage a tremendous war with God.

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