Life is uncertain

The life of a Spiritual person in christianity is all about happiness and satisfaction even in the worst case of human life that one can imagine. “Life is uncertain”, everyone who can think know this and uncertainty divides us. Religious matters are often describe as something very complex and we tends to ignore it. Finding God is not that complex, realising its simplicity is one of the greatest achievement one can attain and no one can visualise it . Yes it is a battle within and our actions can sometimes be considered the manifestation of our thoughts. It is indeed a tough battle for a believer, because we are just human and it is a fight with those that had wage a tremendous war with God.

No human till so far have the proof about life after dead, it is impossible and this impossibility bring up the importance of the word ‘Faith’. So it would be wise to have a religion, but being religious without God is parasitic and one can become religious extremist. To be called an extremist you may not blow up public places like islamic radicals, but that little heart of extremism can cause something harmful for the society. Christians are normally seen as more secular than other religions, the openness to the changing environment, the liberal attitude , religious places etc. This are quite different, but we can still be an extremist that can blow up the life of someone in the name of religion. Religious extremism is the deadliest weapon on Earth.

If we give a holistic comparison of a society between two different religious communites on the ground of factors that changes the society, well, its gonna be an ever ending debate. Religious perspective would anchor its reasons to the historical evidence within the country and around the globe, that is convincing but it may be tangentially idealistic and it may not be easy to accept it by everyone. The secular perspective would list out many factors that is more materialistic and pragmatic, which is more convincing and majority lived by this today and more in future hopefully. But here’s one thing “Engineers/Scientists changes the society through inventions and development of infrastructures etc. that always have a single objective i.e to make life easier, but the real change always come from within”.

Article 25 of Indian Constitution grants freedom to every citizen of India to profess, practice and propagate his own religion. The constitution, in the preamble professes to secure to all its citizen’s liberty of belief, faith and worship.

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