Refugee crisis in Europe

In the Eyes of the far rights, the narrowness of nationalism is compromised. The refugee crisis today in Europe and Immigration issue in America are seen as a strategy of the Muslims by some experts, they presume the Muslims for taking advantage of the liberal ideology/Administrative system, ” power of every govt. lies in population”. The birth place of Liberty had opened its border in the early 20th century face a big cultural problem today and become the biggest victim of terrorism among the free countries in 2016, many European countries today worried about their future too, people who voted and supports Trump knows this.

The country that used to ban almost all the western cultures and values rush towards the west in the name of refugee, clamoring humanity, ridiculing the democratic set up, denigrated the respective country’s foreign policy. Why not some rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE etc.opened the doors for their Muslim brother refugee? This Is Trump’s logical stands over his dictatorial/unconstitutional executive orders on immigration. Yes, Wherever the Muslims of the mid-east go, they go with their cultures and religious practices, their religion called the non Muslims Infidels, sinners that deserve a severe punishment(even death,), they’ll demand the govt.a special rights creating hue and cry wherever they go that would be difficult to accept by the age old free culture of the west.etc.Trump knew all these. People may call him Tyranny, but its the American constitution that give too much power to the president, i really wonder why Americans hardly talk about the system rather than their elected president, he was elected!. One thing very strange about the Americans, ” they are like Indians”, they are so emotional over any hot issues. It could be a Hollywood syndrome like Bollywood syndrome of being filmy Indian lifestyle, American and Indians are the people who loves movie, I’m one of them.

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