Thlarau Thienghlim thuring (Doctrine of the Holy Spirit) hi Kristien thuring pawimaw takhai laia pakhat a nih a, chipchier taka inchuk ding chun hun sawttak aw ding thupui pawimaw a nih.Tuta tuma ding chun ei rawngbawlna le ei nitin nuna ei hang hmang nghal chi practical tak tak in hril ei tum a nih.
Thlarau Thienghlim beiseina (Expectation of the Holy Spirit)
-Pathienin thil thar a puong suok – Isai 42:9
-Pathienin Israelhai chunga thil thar thaw a nuom – Isai 43:18-19



Why did the Saviour come into the World? What can the Saviour do for us?

The Saviour came into the world to preach the good news of salvation to all people. He came to heal those whose hearts had been broken by sorrow. He came to set people free from our sin and and selfishness. The Saviour came to bring gladness to those who are in despair.

The good news is that Jesus Christ died to take away our sin so that we might be free. He died to bring us joy and gladness and hope. If we have received God’s forgiveness, we do not have to mourn and feel guilty for our sins. If we believe that Jesus Christ died to take away our sins, then we will be free from despair and guilt.

What does it mean to have faith in God?

There was many people in the Old Testament who served the Lord and obeyed his commands. Abel, Noah, Abraham, Issaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, and Daniel were all faithful to the Lord. They knew the Lord as their God and loved him with all their hearts. They believed the promises of God even before they could see the results of the promises. These great people looked forward to the time when they would be taken to heaven to live with God forever.

You can have faith in God by believing in his promise of salvation. God has promised to save you from your sin. If you believe in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, you will be saved from your sin. If you believe that Jesus Christ is your Saviour, you will be taken to heaven when you die. You will live forever with God in his beautiful kingdom in heaven. If you have faith to believe, then you can be certain of what you cannot yet see.

Remember this Verse
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrews 11: 1