Linux backtrack pendrive a install dan

Linux Backtrack USB drive a bootable a siem nuom chun a hnuoia ka ziek dan le kati dan hai sawn thaw unla chun i USB kha bootable in i hmang thei ding.
A ṭul ding ṭhenkhat hai:

1:USB (Flash Drive) (Minimum USB Drive capacity 4 GB)

2: Backtrack 5 ISO file, md5sum verified.

back|track 3
back|track 3


Unetbootin hi  program (tool) pakhat ana Linux distro a dinga bootable USB drive siemna ding anih CD hmang ṭul kher loin. Hi program hi Windows le Linux a run thei ve ve bawk a. Hi a hnuoia steps hai hi indik tak in lo thaw raw i pendrive kha bootable a i siem nuom chun.

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1. I Computer System sukhrat I dit chun a hnuoia ka thil ziek hai ang khun thaw rawh.


Start Regedit

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\DisablePagingExecutive

Set the value to be 1

Reboot the computer


2. I File Driver a kim le kimlo check i nuom chun

System File Checker  hi i system files kim le kim lo check na’n i hmang hlak ding anih.

Command line switches:


Script program hmanga Task Manager, Regedit, Folder option etc, awlsam taka disable/enable dan

Programming thiem naw hai ta ding khawm in awlsam tak in hi thil hmang hin I System buoina problem thenkhat i solve thei ding anih. Virus tamtak hi computer a lut hin Computer programme a pawimaw tak Control System Effect ava fak siet hlak a, hienga a suk siet hin Registry Editor, Task Manager, Run program, Show foder Option hawng/hmang thei talo in aum hlak anih. Hieng anga Virus in a suksiet pha hin awlsam tak a siemthat na ani a hnuoia thil ka ziek khu.


A hnuoia text program ta phawt khu copy la , notepad open la chu chun paste la, i save ding pha khan a file hming ding in ctrlsystem.bat tiin save la (rename) ding anih. Kha I file save kha double click la, box hung in lang ata, 1,2,3,4 a khan i dit tak kha i thlang ding anih. I harsat na a sukkieng sawt ding che anih.

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Firefox browser hi ei hmang tawl hlak seng khawm ka hei ring. A hmang khawm an hawi bawk. Browser tam tak hin thil iemati takin thaw thei chidang dang a nei lai zing in Firefox hi a chie a dang biek rieu na hi a tam khawp el. Hi a hnuoia ka thil hung ziek hai hi a step hai hi hei zui la Browser sunga password an save hai hmuthei iti.

Step 1: Firefox open la Menu bar a Tools a khan click rawh.

Step 2: Option kha select rawh.

Step 3: Small window hung in open ata chun Security tab ti kha hei select rawh.

Step 4: Khata khan Password in save ta phawt hai chu hmuthei itih.

Step 5: Save password button a khan click la

Step 6: Window dang hung in open nawk ata

Step 7: Sites list le Usernames hung inlang a ta

Step 8: Site password kha select la. Show password kha select la chun password hai chu hung inlang el ati.

Hi a chung ka ziek hai hi tha iti ani chun a hnuoia hin comment mi pe pek ding in ka fiel sa che. Ka lawm eh.

Blue Text a facebook comment ziek dan

Mitam tak chu a hrie khawm um nuol tang eiti hi facebook trick hi. Ala hrie naw khawm eila um nuol chu ring aum. Mi hrietnaw ka hung thaw ang chun mi ngai pek naw unla, a la hrie naw an um tak duoi am tia inti suk beng var deua ka hung thaw lawm tum ve mei mei a nih.

Kei khawm in ka lo zawng ve nasa khawp el. A chie hran hran makve deu deu khawm ka hmu rawn, ana chu a sawt a sei chu an hmang thei chuong nawh. Tuta ka hung thaw tak hi chu kalo hmang na khawm a sawt ve fut ta a la pangai zing a nih. Danglam rieua ei hei post thei ve te hi an hawi ve kawng khat in ka hriet. Mobile hmang sia mi hming blue a ei hei ziek hin ei zuk mention a ang rieua a thaw chie khawp el haha.

Hi @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]] code hi copy la type here po saw delete la kha khan i thu post/comment ding kha type el rawh. Eg. @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Welcome bek bek. Haha]] hieng hin hung inlang el a tih.
Welcome bek bek. Haha.

Ka lawm ie.

Best apps for Windows Mobile

Most of the smartphone space is being held by Android and iOS but with the tie up of Nokia and Microsoft which produced the Nokia Lumia has announced that both the companies are working together to regain the lost ground in the smartphone arena. The windows phone which is introduced features the tile interface where multiple program status can be known.
Windows Marketplace which is a repository having the apps that are developed by developers from all over the world has about 15,000 applications in its index and as the popularity of the new Windows Mobile platform increases, the number of apps on the Marketplace would surely increase by many folds.
Here are some of the nokia apps that have been handpicked by us that are also operational on the Windows Mobile 7.5.
1. Spotify: This is a music app which allows you to collaborate with yourfriends so that you can listen to their playlists also. You can also save your playlists or other tracks which can be streamed for offline listening. The albums are not limited to those which are displayed on the tiles of your phone; you can easily refresh them after certain interval of time to reload new albums.
2. Evernote: This app is similar to the OneNote application which is supplied with the MS Office 2010. This app is heavily inspired from the iPhone where this app runs in the background and sync with yourPC using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can easily pin down specific notes, notebooks, tags or searches to the Start Menu. This app is one of the best productivity apps on the Mango (Window Mobile 7.5) environment.
3. Facebook App : The Windows phone has been heavily integrated with the Facebook with all the events, birthdays, contact details, status updates and photos all at your home screen. This app would further enhance your social experience. The clean and metro interface of the Windows Mobile 7.5 includes the nicely tiled picture section where all the images of your friends would appear in them.You can pin up the messages as a live tile instead of the email notifications. You can also pin your friends, Events and Live Feeds on the tiles to keep track of them effectively.