Blue Text a facebook comment ziek dan

Mitam tak chu a hrie khawm um nuol tang eiti hi facebook trick hi. Ala hrie naw khawm eila um nuol chu ring aum. Mi hrietnaw ka hung thaw ang chun mi ngai pek naw unla, a la hrie naw an um tak duoi am tia inti suk beng var deua ka hung thaw lawm tum ve mei mei a nih.

Kei khawm in ka lo zawng ve nasa khawp el. A chie hran hran makve deu deu khawm ka hmu rawn, ana chu a sawt a sei chu an hmang thei chuong nawh. Tuta ka hung thaw tak hi chu kalo hmang na khawm a sawt ve fut ta a la pangai zing a nih. Danglam rieua ei hei post thei ve te hi an hawi ve kawng khat in ka hriet. Mobile hmang sia mi hming blue a ei hei ziek hin ei zuk mention a ang rieua a thaw chie khawp el haha.

Hi @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Type Here]] code hi copy la type here po saw delete la kha khan i thu post/comment ding kha type el rawh. Eg. @[1: ]@@[1:[0:1: Welcome bek bek. Haha]] hieng hin hung inlang el a tih.
Welcome bek bek. Haha.

Ka lawm ie.


Child Baptisma

Baptisma hi ringtu ei nina in chikna pawimaw tak chang ngei ngei ding anih. Vawi tamtak chang a ngai chuong naw a, vawikhat cho chang ding anih. Sienkhawm Baptisma ei chang lei ringawt in Vanram min tlun naw nia, thlarau ngei chun eini thlarau leh Pathien nau eini ti amin hriettir chun Vanram chu eini tadinga buotsai nieng atih, chu lampui umsun chu Isu Krista cho hi anih. Thenkhatin Baptisma hi tuia namphum ngeiin an changa, thenkhat ruok chun tuia namphum aiin puma husuok vawng in entir nading in anlu ansuk hu hlak.

Chun Baptisma hi thenkhatin puitling hnung in am changa, thenkhat chun naupang anni lai an changa, thenkhat ruok chun naute anni lai an chang hlak, a ieng ieng khawm a pawi chuong nawh. Changdan le a huna buoi naw mei niu, a pawimaw tak chu Pastor le Pathien hmabula eithu intiem kha theinghil loa ei damsunga ei hriet zing ding le ei vawng tlat dinga pawimaw le tha anih.

Chun child baptism hi nu le pa in naute khawmuol an hriet hmaa thu anin tiem pek ani leiin lungril la puitling tak tak hmaa, mani thu anin tiem nekin atha, chun nu le pa hai khawm ei nau hai chunga thu eiin tiem ang tak khan hlen ngei ei tiu. Ei hlen ani phawt chun suolna’n an chunga ro rel ngainaw nia, Pathien thu nunpuia kalchawiin an hringnun tluong takin hmang anti. Nau suol nei dinga appointment letter nei eini bik nawh. An pientira inthawka Pathien thunun na le kawkna a ei enkawl naw phawt chun suolna thlipuiin mut pha ngainaw reng reng atih. Asan chu naute lungril white paper a iengkhawm la ziek lo ang anih. Lekha puona ei ziek angw ang anlang ang in naute lungril a khawm hin ei tuo ang ang chu a hung mâwng dawk ding anih. Thudika eiin chuktir chun thudik lampuiah feng anta, thukhel le zawmawa eiin phâwt khum hlak chun ”Saker a sen chun a te khawm a sen” anti ang ngei khan nau hai chu khelhlip le zamaw he la hung in chang ve ngei anti

Best apps for Windows Mobile

Most of the smartphone space is being held by Android and iOS but with the tie up of Nokia and Microsoft which produced the Nokia Lumia has announced that both the companies are working together to regain the lost ground in the smartphone arena. The windows phone which is introduced features the tile interface where multiple program status can be known.
Windows Marketplace which is a repository having the apps that are developed by developers from all over the world has about 15,000 applications in its index and as the popularity of the new Windows Mobile platform increases, the number of apps on the Marketplace would surely increase by many folds.
Here are some of the nokia apps that have been handpicked by us that are also operational on the Windows Mobile 7.5.
1. Spotify: This is a music app which allows you to collaborate with yourfriends so that you can listen to their playlists also. You can also save your playlists or other tracks which can be streamed for offline listening. The albums are not limited to those which are displayed on the tiles of your phone; you can easily refresh them after certain interval of time to reload new albums.
2. Evernote: This app is similar to the OneNote application which is supplied with the MS Office 2010. This app is heavily inspired from the iPhone where this app runs in the background and sync with yourPC using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can easily pin down specific notes, notebooks, tags or searches to the Start Menu. This app is one of the best productivity apps on the Mango (Window Mobile 7.5) environment.
3. Facebook App : The Windows phone has been heavily integrated with the Facebook with all the events, birthdays, contact details, status updates and photos all at your home screen. This app would further enhance your social experience. The clean and metro interface of the Windows Mobile 7.5 includes the nicely tiled picture section where all the images of your friends would appear in them.You can pin up the messages as a live tile instead of the email notifications. You can also pin your friends, Events and Live Feeds on the tiles to keep track of them effectively.

Railway Budget 2012: Dinesh Trivedi focuses on safety, modernisation

New Delhi: Union Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi presented his maiden Railway Budget in the Lok Sabha on Wednesday stressing on safety and Modernisation. Pointing out that he took over as the Railway Minister on a day when there was a train accident, he said that he would work towards making the Railway one of the safest mode of transport in the country.

Announcing the setting up of a Railway Safety Committee, which will be headed by Anil Kakodkar, he said that Indian Railways need to learn from Europe where there have been no major accidents for the past several decades even though trains run at a very speed there. He added that all unmanned level crossings would be abolished in the next five years.

Trivedi announced that signalling system and 19000 km of track would be modernised through renewal upgradation would be undertake. He said that the track which are proposed to be modernised account for almost 80 per cent of traffic.

‘Facebook friends judge you by your photos, not texts’

London: Are you on Facebook? Then, make sure you post a nice, impressive photograph, as users onthe social networking sites appear to form judgements on profiles without even reading words, researchers say.
The researchers at the Ohio State University in the US also found that people pay closer attention to information that could be viewed as negative or not normal on such sites.
It seems a profile photo on Facebook tells viewers all they need to know to form an impression of a person and no words are really necessary, they said.
In one experiment, the researches found college students who vieweda Facebook photo of a fellow student having fun with friends rated that person as extroverted – even if his profile said he was “not a big people-person”.
The only exception is when a photois out of the ordinary or shows someone in a negative light. In thatcase, people do use profile text to help interpret what kind of person is shown in the profile, they said.
“Photos seem to be the primary way we make impressions of people on social networking sites,” lead author Brandon Van Der Heide was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.
“People will accept a positive photoof you as showing how you really are. But if the photo is odd or negative in any way, people want to find out more before forming an impression,” he said.
For their study, published in Journalof Communication, the researchers recruited 195 college students and made them view mock Facebook profiles of a person that included a photo and a written “about me” statement.
Participants were asked to rate how extroverted they thought the student in the profile was, on a scale of 1 to 7 based on the photo and text.
It was found the profile, which had a photo showing the person enjoying a night out with friends and a text saying he was the happiest person with a big group of friends, was rated as the most extrovert.
Surprisingly, the participants also rated the person most extrovert if his profile had a extroverted photo but a text suggesting the person was an introvert.
But if the photograph suggested anintrovert, people did pay attention to the text. If the text also suggested an introvert, participants rated the person as such.
But if the text suggested the person was an extrovert, participants rated them as slightly less introverted, the researchers said.
“They were still seen as introverted, because of their photo showing them alone on the park bench. But they got a little bump up in their extroversion rating because of their profile text suggesting they were extroverted,” said Prof Van Der Heide.
These results support a theory that people generally pay closer attention to information that couldbe viewed as negative or not normal, he said.
Researchers also said that on social networking sites such as Facebook,users expect people to showcase themselves as happy, successful and sociable.
“If the photograph fits that image, people have little reason to question his or her judgements about this person’s characteristics,”Prof Van Der Heide said.
“But if the photo shows something we did not expect – someone who is more introverted, for example – viewers want to read the text and do a little more interpretation.”
The results were of interest because when people use text or photos alone to build an impression of someone, text may sometimes have a greater influence, he said, adding this is especially true when conveying negative information.